Smile Breath Meditation& Blissful Yoga

Initially with closed eyes, crossed legs and clasped fingers sit in a comfortable posture, or liedown in supine posture and start with 21 cycles of 4:1 breaths, i.e, 4 short breaths plus one long,deep breath which constitute one cycle. Repeat such cycles for 21 times. This makes your mindless wavering or becomes still.

Later observe your normal in-breath and out-breaths for 20-30 mts. no need to hold breath, orchant any mantra, no visualization of diety or form of a guru ..just witness this normal, natural,easy, soft, tranquil breath by which you will land in thoughtless ,empty mind, dwelling in thisNirmal, Nirgun state is called “Nirvana Meditation-The Art Of Staying with one’s own self”

BE A DELIBERATE CREATOR: by Converting Potential Energy Into Kinetic one –visualize yourself as a radiant healthy being of love, happiness, joy and feel all your future wishes are beingfulfilled as if you are possessing now in this present moment. add more colors, feelings to thosevisions. If visually is not possible at least feel them very positively. Visualize to the extent ofactivities you are doing when your wishes are being fulfilled

Visualize what are all the best things you can do / best possible happenings. When Primarymental creation is done it becomes the foundation for secondary physical manifestation ifcoupled with least effort & smart workPen down what are all you need,desire and create them mentally with more colors,flavours and feelings