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Creating Mind-Soul Care Departments
@ Nursing Homes, Hospitals.

In the present era of Body based mechanistic model of medicine, there is a need for comprehensive mind and soul care by doctors and nurses in order to regain the lost charm and dignity of medical profession.

Comprehensive mind and soul care primarily involves smile breath meditation practice by the patients / clients so that they can see the pain as source of pleasure, Disease as a door to see the divine dignity within one selves.

Pain is for everyone, but suffering is optional. Once we raise our will power and self-confidence – the boon associated with disease in disguise.

Inspirational stories and audio visual literature where the diseased and physically damaged patients could overcome their health challenges and became role models and successful people.

We will train your interested paramedical personale so that they can take care psychological, emotional and spiritual needs in addition to you giving the physical - pain relief by medicines and surgeries.