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Saving Girl Child & Empowering women

“There is a woman, behind every man’s success.”

If the lady in the family is transformed, then total family is transformed. Respecting females is respecting the nation. Where woman is respected, there is continuous flow of wealth & angels.

“Yatra Naryastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Devata”

Even thougha mother is a woman, buta few refuses girl child to be born.

Girl child is a symbol for growth, intuition, unconditional love, sharing.

Saving is Serving
Saving is Synergizing

Saving a girl child & woman by caring, protecting, empowering will help to serve our own feminine energy principle, i.e., nurturing self.. sharing self, loving self.. groundingself..forgivenessself..forbearanceself etc. residing dormantly in everyone.

It is not only the intellect, but the intuitive wisdom of feminine self is very essential to succeed in life, to become into a total synchronized ying-yang being. Empowering the women is nothing but making the man a wow wonderful being.