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Organ Donation

Every organ has its own function, when abundant spiritual life force energy is flowing and overflowing, definitely all organs will be in health, harmony.

Living a life very consciously will lead to thorough utilization of all organs to the fullest extent.

When every organ is very sound, definitely we will have very sound health. Profound function of organ is dependent on the harmony of all the cells in the body. Since everything is connected by the life force energy, nourishing the body, organs and cells with not only the right diet, but also the right thoughts, right emotions and right life purpose will make us to live very joyful and healthy life. Such a person will not stop living when he leaves the body. He will start living by organ donation.

As all cells and organs are connected in a body, every individual, every inhabitant on the earth and other place are interconnected. Why should we confine only to one body, it is okay to confine to single body before we leave the earth, but after vacating this body, better to utilize this body by organ donation. Let us live through organ donation after we die. Organ donation is the best donation. It may be heart, liver, cornea, blood, anything else. Donate to live after we die.