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Ionized Alkaline Water Therapy

Acidic = Illness Alkaline = Wellness

As we all know, body contains 70-75% water.. plays major role in detoxification, cleansing & energy maximization. The end result of our food metabolism is acidic waste. (Carbonic Acid, Uric Acid, Lactic Acid. Fatty Acids and Ammonia). When this Acidic waste accumulates more than body’s elimination power, the Acidic nature increases and creates many diseases.

Bad Lifestyle = Oxidative Stress

The stress, bad life style, smoking, alcoholism, non-veg, junk food, sugar, artificial sweeteners, carbonated cool drinks, refined white rice-maeda, synthetic drugs, pesticides, lack of exercise, poor sleep, negative emotions, environmental toxins etc. all increases Free radicals by Oxidative Stress which lead to de-generation, early ageing and disturbed functioning of organs.

Scientific Survey on Alkaline Water

A survey in various medical universities, colleges & hospitals like Kyown Hospital, Kitari Institute Medical Center, Shown University Hospital ,Kanto Teishine Hospital ,Meiseki Hospital ,Nara College of Medicine Hospital, lida Hospital , Tokyon women's College of Medicine Hospital , Hanbatake Hospital and many more showed that Alkaline water improved fast healing in major illnesses like Arthritis-Join pains, Diabetes, High BP, Obesity ,Fibromyalgia, Eczema ,Psoriasis , Osteroprosis, Asthma, Heart Disease ,Cancers, Stress, insomnia, Sleep disorders ,Low Energy,I ndigestion, Acid Reflux, Constipation Headaches etc.

Health Benefits of Drinking Ionized Water

  • Releases excess body fat and flushes away toxins
  • Normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Increases immunity and disease fighting ability
  • Supports healthy digestion and elimination
  • Promotes better sleep, more energy
  • Powerful anti-oxidant-neutralizes free radicals & many more
Kangen Alkaine Water is a Miracle Water
for Health & Longevity

KANGEN in Japan means “Back to Origin

“Kangen Water” is Ionized Alkaline Water which brings back the lost health and maintains longevity & anti-aging. KANGEN WATER works very efficiently against all diseases mainly by Three Properties

1) Alkaline Nature (pH 8.5 to 11.8)

2) Anti-Oxidant property (ORP - 400 to 600)

3) Micro-Clustering (Small molecular size) .. which eliminates the root causes of all diseases.

“Change Your Water, Change Your Life”


“I have a Kangen water machine in New York medical office and this is the water I drink and give to my patients. In addition to filtering out the pollution, the Kangen water has strong reduction power and helps keep the body at an optimal alkaline PH”- Dr.Hiromi Shinya M.D, Ph.D

“All forms of cancer have two basic conditions, acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline.”- Dr.Otto Warburg-. 1931 Noble prize winner in cell psychology or Medicine.. Investigated the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells

Electrolysis Water Generator Enagic Levoluk SD-501 & it’s Unique Features

"ENAGIC” A Japane. company of more than 40 Years research invented a MEDICAL DEVICE (Electrolysis Water Generator) Certified as medical device (ISO 13485) by Japanese Govt of Health & Family Welfare department fr use in hospitals, various organizations & institutions. It produces "KANGEN WATER” with miracle healing power similar to water found in places like Lourdes (France) , Himalayas (India).

The machine with track record of 42years, life span of 20-25yrs, won Gold seal award from 'Mater Quality Association' (America) .. has High Performance with Seven (7) Platinum coated - Titanium - Total 490 so inches electrode plates. It is World, Best Tested & Approved medical device for water ionizer by 6500+ Japanese doctors and Japanese ministry of health, labor & welfare for use in hospitals.