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Holistic Health

Health is nothing but becoming wholesome. A balanced state of body,mind and soul, i.e, physically becoming fit and agile ..mentally calm and creative .. emotionally balanced and productive .. socially sound and communicative .. and spiritually satisfactory and super-conscious.

Absence of physical disease is taken as health by many.But WHO defines health as a balanced state of staying physically fit, mentally calm, intellectually sharp, socially communicative, financially sound-sharing and spiritually satisfactory.

Many of conventional therapies and quick-fix solutions are trying only body level of health rather than Holistic Health & well-being status. Medicines and surgeries are acting only at physical level ignoring the root cause at mental, emotional and spiritual levels, This is the reason why the diseases are also multiplying further and further... despite modern medical technology, sophisticated equipment and investigations.

We are in the Era of Holistic Health..where mental, emotional and spiritual elements behind every physical disease needs to be addressed first and foremost. When Mind & Soul care is regularly done by every health seeker or patient..the disease starts mitigating from core level, negating the need for external medicine and surgical help.

The nature design of our body is actually perfect. The mind-body system as a whole has been designed to function perfectly to defend itself against disease and to rebuild damaged parts for as long as we wish. All we need to do, is not to disturb the healing process by unnecessary medicines and unnecessary interventions.

Taking care of mind must be accompanied in all modes of medical therapies, so that innate soul healing potential & wisdom will take care of the lacunae & side effects of symptoms suppressing and side effects associated with pills.

Mind & Soul care initially starts with practicing blissful breath meditation and gradually stabilizes the consciousness of “witnessing problem as challenge” and opportunity to evolve into a complete being.

The benefits of mind & soul care are self-love so that total acceptance followed by self-responsibility, forgiving self and others, gratitude for what we already have, acceptance, appreciation, awareness, conscious living, willingness to change, welcoming the new, joyful and cheerful win-win attitude altogether are very essential to take of the root cause of any illness ranging from common cold to cancer.

'Pill for ill" may be a temporary solution..but adding Meditation& Conscious Living is the Permanent solution. This will be the greatest difference in approach between the traditional medicine of today and the holistic medicine of future.

Medicine - a divine profession, i.e., Vaidyo Narayano Harihi.

We request all the medical fraternity to train yourself as well as your staff nurses to educate the client so that the healing will be fast, and the side-effects of modern medical pills can be reduced and the self-responsibility in the patient can be inculcated so that they can participate very actively in true and total healing.

We request all the medical fraternity to utilize this opportunity so that a spiritualized medical community can easily create suffering and sickness free world sooner.

Spiritual Health is the only Real Wealth!
Smile Breath Meditation is the simplest way to Spiritual Health!
Spiritual Health is the Root - Physical Health is the Fruit.