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Polluting the outer world originates from the pollution of our inner self. We being the part of nature, must enrich and empower very effectively the co-existing kingdoms – i.e., plant, mineral, animal. Respecting the nature is the simple law to live very naturally and holistically.

We depend on the nature for our survival. Being eco-friendly is reflected in our compassion quotient, friendly quotient with our fellow beings. Deforesting is a sign of inhuman. Killing animals reflects our brutal nature, Polluting the nature is a sign of internal chaos, disharmony, impatience, suppressed anger and negative emotions.

Being eco-friendly starts being friendly to our body, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and living in soul purpose. As is our microcosm, so is our macrocosm.

Eco-friendly Ganesha, using healthy Holi colors, maintaining hygiene must be accompanied with plantation, caring and protecting animals, etc.

Even though we are human, we inhabit many organisms within us - both harmful and useful organisms, still we accommodate in the body. In the same way, in our eco system there are multiple organisms living with us. We may be aware or unaware of their growth and life. But a compassionate approach towards the life of ours, other inhabitants - that is animal kingdom, plant kingdom, mineral kingdom is must.

Being a compassionate being is not the responsibility, it is our nature. When we move away from our nature, definitely we will become more unnatural and succumb more unnatural diseases, naturalcalamities. So harming of the external nature is because of polluted inner nature. A person who becomes very natural by understanding the natural laws of the body, natural laws of the society, the creation will definitely lead very natural life, and also protects the nature. The idea of protecting the inner nature and outer nature is what we call eco-protection.

Eco-friendly attitude initially starts with plantation. Why because most of our option depends on the plants. Second is protecting animals - why because? - Even all the godly beings have friendship with all the animals. It is not because they are wild and more powerful, they are more intuitive beings. Man is basically intellectual being. When intuition and intellect are both coupled, there will be successful joyful living. Man always needs an animal guidance. Most of our food and nutrition is also fermented, and transformed into utilizable things by so many organisms - invisible organisms, pathogens, micro-organisms within ourselves. Protection is nothing but understanding the significance and respecting the fellow beings within.

Eco-protection is not the responsibility; it is an extension of our life - symbiosis and compassion.

We are here not only to live independently, but also interdependently. Let us depend not only our personal achievements, allow the freedom of other organisms, species and kingdoms.