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Addiction is adding more fiction, why do we add fiction, since truth is very simple. Simplicity is joy, back to the simplicity is bliss. But we always live in a fictionary world, we always choose complicated world, why because - simple life is always straight, whereas complicated life - there is more possibility. But it is untrue. Everything in simple living leads to more satisfactory and more joy. All addictions makes us to live in a fictionary world. Throwing all the insufficient and ineffective confused ways to temporary joy. HBLF provides a platform where in all the specialists with holistic approach will go to the root cause of why that client got addicted to certain harmful life conditions - it may be over-eating, over-sleeping, over-indulgence in all the unnecessary chatting, spending with friends, infatuations, companies along with alcohol, smoking, and drugs. Everything in excess is always harmful. Choosing the middle path and conscious living are the best solutions for addictions. De-addiction therapy mainly focuses on developing the conscious life urge in the place of unconscious death urge. Unconscious death urge brought from wrong parenting, wrong education and wrong seeking of the society pleasures.

Once we go to the level we got addicted, and rooting out to the problem, will definitely bring more conscious life urge. All addictions are knowingly or unknowingly, unconsciously arising out of death urge. Conscious life urge speaks about how consciously we have to enjoy the available sources and understand the desires, our needs. How to consciously address our desires, needs makes us to have control on the existing pleasures in the student and youthful life. Middle path is not a practice, it is automatic phenomenon out of conscious living. When we become very conscious about what we think, what we speak, what we eat, what we do, definitely it will throw more light on enjoying the things in minimal quantities and consciously enjoying the things provides the opportunity for the right things to flow into our lives. Right friends, right books, right guidance, right company.

Initially the habits when not controlled they get transformed into addictions. All hobbies when they become conscious we master them. An over eating fellow may become a good chef if they are conscious, because they know the taste, they become masters in serving the food, preparing the food. An over-chatting person will become a wonderful anchor and will become a wonderful entertainer. So any hobby before it gets transformed into addiction, when we become aware of it, conscious of it definitely it will transform into an asset. So HBLF transforms all addictions into assets. So addictions become assets.