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“Healthy Colon .. Healthy Life”
  • Constipation is the reason for many health problems
  • As is your Gut & Colon, so is your Health & Life

Colon Hydrotherapy(CHT) is a painless, safest & scientific way of colon irrigation done with pure warm water by our expert & trained staff. It aids in anti-ageing and overall health by reducing the stress, tension, eliminates the toxins, aids in absorption of essential micro nutrients-minerals, improves water and other essential metabolism, helps in intestinal peristalitic bowel movement, thereby expels all all the unnecessary - chronically retained stuff, thereby clearing the old unnecessary impressions stored in life.

So it acts the on the body & mind results in various benefits.

Rejuvenation-Relaxation & Refreshment

CHT rejuvenates the body by clearing toxins and impacted stools due to constipation. It clears the symptoms of acidity, indigestion like bloating, belching, barbarigme (lower gas sounds-flatulance) & useful in psycho-somatic disease like IBS

Relaxes the mind by clearing all the stress, suppressed and repressed gut feelings

Re-freshes by allowing the gut organisms & flora to produce essential probiotics which aids in natural healing, so that you will feel very active, energetic, dynamic & creative.

Brain governs the body through the thoughts & nerve impulses.

Gut aids in the metabolism of feelings & emotions.(Manipura-Chakra). Brain & Gut are interlinked. For the proper function of the brain, gut should be healthy.

Gut associated organisms which improves immunity, resistance by eliminating the toxins should be protected and rejuvenated to lead healthy & happy life.