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Cleanliness Movement

Hospitals, Schools, Colleges & Temples, Corporate Offices

Clean and Holy mind can only create a clean and hygiene world. A confused mind will create a confused society. A fusion mind creates fusion everywhere. Clean mind, tranquil mind, calm mind is the byproduct of smile breath meditation or meditation-induced awareness.

Cleanliness of external society is better done when the cleanliness is maintained at the body and mind level. Tidiness or cleanliness of the body prevents so many communicable diseases. Cleanliness of the mind will help to create and enjoy the best things in one’s own life. Cleanliness of the society is not only for the health, but also shows the dignity, and also it helps to attract the respect from the fellow beings in the world.

Swachh Bharat comes from the Soulful Bharat. Soulful Bharat comes from Scientific Spiritualty. Scientific Spirituality practices begin with Smile Breath Meditation. Smile Breath Meditation is the best way to clean the mind and make it more calm and creative. Calm mind can only create a clean hygiene world.

Sab Ko Sanmati De Bhagvan
told by Mahatma Ghandhi.

Sanmati is nothing but swachhmati. Sammati can only make the SwachhBharat very easily. So SwachhBharat + SwachhManas (sanmati). So we aim at cleanliness of temples, schools, colleges, hospitals, corporate offices along with creating tranquil mind everywhere.