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Blissful Pregnancy & Creative Parenting

Pregnancy in majority is like an accident / unconscious chance, But it must become a conscious choice wherein whole mind-body-soul should be involved to benefit both mother & baby.

Even though Pregnancy is a blissful experience, majority of women experiences stress & strain comprising of morning sickness, fear about C-section & pregnancy complications, health of forth-coming baby, gender issues, already prevailing financial, relationship issues etc.

This workshop helps every would-be-mother to release the anxiety,misconceptions about pregnancy & delivery. Would-Be-Parents will understand how to communicate with the baby emotionally, psychologically ,energetically and spiritually ..so that would-be mother & father contribute to the perfect psychological and emotional health of baby.

Pelvic, Kegel exercises & simple yoga postures, pranayamas& guided meditations promotes the easy, safe and normal delivery.

Early morning positive mood.

Welcoming Indigo Children

How to select the best soul like Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mahavir – with multidimensional consciousness.

Bondage with pre-delivered baby in the womb by both parents by telepathy, meditation, intuition helps to handle the baby’s specific needs after delivery and infancy.