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Blissful Families Resort Retreat

Blissful Family get-togethers is an opportunity to know more about psychological, emotional and spiritual needs within the family, which when fulfilled leads to the harmony, peace, satisfaction to one and all.

Medical doctors with firm psychological &spiritual background will help you to know your strengths, overcome weaknesses and release the pent up of suppressed and repressed emotions using various techniques, demos & Counselling procedures like..

Self-talk, Gibberish, Mirror Work, Positive Affirmations, Turkish Coffee Readings, Rebirthing Pranayamas, Smile Breath Meditation, Past Life Karmic influences, Knowing Best Future possible& Life Purpose,certain yogic postures, mudras, Medical Massages, Beauty & Anti-Ageing diet, Stress releasing techniques,Self-Love,Gratitude, Grounding,Trust Building & Forgiveness Exercises, Campfire, Fun Water games, Music, Humor, Hara Dynamic Dance, Family constellation, Role Reversal, Oneness with Five Elements etc.