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Awaken Blissful Doctor - Vaidyo Narayano Harihi

A Two-Day Transformational Workshop on
What is not taught regularly in conventional schools of medical education

Medical profession,a divine profession, losing its charm & regard now a days.It is wrongly attributed as commercial profession because of more mechanistic model of treating the body by expensive investigations & Treatments neglecting the psychological, emotional aspects of patient. There is also a great threat on the doctors and medical community in case of loss of life.

Comprehensive mind and soul care is nothing but improving the will to cure from within by the patient through awakening the inner healing immune system.

Insights on Awakening the Inner Doctor

1)Every illness / Dis-Easeis a boon in disguise and brings a message that our Ease is disturbed because of our negligence /lack of care on our body-mind…unscientific unnatural way of eating, drinking, thinking, speaking, having unhealthy relationships, unscientific perspectives etc. Regaining lost paradise i.e, health is possible by correcting the root cause.

2) Every disease without single exception is psycho-somatic. Psyche creates soma. As is our mind, so is our body.

3) All our diseases are because of mental worries…Mental worries are because of intellectual immaturity…Intellectual immaturity is because of lack of spiritual energy & lack of spiritual intellect. Spiritual intellect blossoms by taking self-responsibility to recreate our own health through mindful breath awareness

4) Spiritual Health is the Root! .. Physical Health is the Fruit!! From all the above holistic principles, we can understand that we have innate healing potential, and we become aware of it when we realize the magnificence of our body –mind –soul complex.

Awakening the blissful doctor is nothing but awakening the compassion, unconditional love, sharing, motivation, support, care involved through comprehensive mind & soul refreshing & rejuvenating methods with more patience, confidence, self-love, forgiveness.

“We Heal Ourselves” is a two-day New-Age Spiritual Health Workshop" helps

  • To understand How stress & mind are influencing the health.
  • To learn the lessons of empowerment from illnesses.
  • To know and experience the amazing Power of Thoughts & Words in holistic healing.
  • To learn how to Awaken the ‘Inner Doctor’ / ‘Inner Healer’ ? our Inner True Healing power.
  • To ultimately learn how to take Self Responsibility to Heal your Illnesses& learn simple Self-Healing tools.


  • Activate the Life force & joy within you
  • Let go of limiting beliefs regarding health ,vitality& vibrancy
  • Clear the mental, emotional & energy blocks
  • Negative thoughts, beliefs & attitude behind ill-health
  • BEAT-Body Energy Amplification Technology- to amplify& sustain your personal energy

Body Dialogue

Understanding what your Body speaks, and learning to communicate with your body cells. Our bodies neverlie. They always tell us the truth about what we are feeling and thinking.

Self-Limiting Habitual Patterns

Every individual has several issues, which are the obstacles in their path towards a healthy, happy and contented life. Each of these issues can be traced to a 'core issue'. This core issue is the Self-limiting /Sabotaging Pattern for that individual. In this segment, you will learn about different types of Self-Sabotaging Patterns and how they affect us and how to transform these limiting beliefs into positive one.

Void to Wholeness

finding the voids /blocks at energy, mental, emotional &causal levels .. and acknowledging them to bring wholeness into us.

Self love,Self Approval; Gratitude & Mirror Work exercises

Lecture on Basic Fears

All emotions can be classified into two types- love-based emotions and fear-based emotions. Love brings us closer to The Divine Source, All That Is, Tao, God or whatever we may choose to call it. Fear makes us go away from our source. If we can transform our fear-based emotions into love-based emotions, our lives can be full of joy. For this, we first need to understand our fears. In This lecture, you will learn about these fears and also identify your fears.

Meditation on How to Transform Basic Fears

In this session you will learn how to transform your fears into your greatest strengths! Once transformed, they become your greatest allies.

Voice Dialogue Process – looking for the self behind the symptom.

Understanding Mind-Body Connections and dissolving the mental and emotional blocks to create a healthy body


This is a very EMPOWERING and WISDOM based workshop arranged to answer many of your questions and the practical sessions were designed to bring about a transformation in your life.

The special feature in this workshop is audio-video multimedia presentations. This is a two-day workshop, which includes many practical sessions.