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4 Pillars - Two Laws & Two Practices

  • Law of karma
  • Law of reincarnation
  • Meditation
  • ABC Holistic Living

Blissful Doctors are self-realized qualified medical doctors with a concept of healing mind and soul in addition to the body level health care by medicines and surgeries. We help the clients / patients consciously and patiently to realize that, disease is an opportunity to understand and unleash their total hidden innerholistic healingpotential.By taking care of thoughts, emotions, needs particularly in the present moment, one can evolve into a holistic personality. Webring change by two laws and two practices.

First law is law of karma -speaks on how our moods-words-deeds are going to influence the health and life circumstances. Good karma reaps good results. Karma is impartial to everyone.

Second is law of reincarnation -we are all soul beings chosen earthly human form to enjoy and enrich ourselves in life journey.

Every life has one unique purpose here Whrein if purpose is not fulfilled properly and totally ..it leads to another fresh and new incarnation with a task to fulfill the same purposewith added pentaly. Life ishere to thoroughly enjoy and share whatever thewisdom we have acquired.

The two practices are

First is meditation - Meditation initially appears as a practice,But the personlater becomes a meditative personality. Its a way of living. Meditation initially starts with awareness on breath, but later it becomes towitness to body signals, thoughts, feelings, emotions and soul state.

Second practice is conscious creative living - we are all here to do something best. We should contribute to the higher collective vibration on the earth. When we become very conscious of our true potential, then only we can work creatively, that work only becomes worship.

These two laws and two practices make a personality into wholesome being.

Art of Blissful Living (ABL) workshop is dealt in three levels. First level is mind-management through Smile Breath Mediation, Emotional Intelligence through Blissful Rebirth Kriya, Sacred Relationships through Family Constellation, Being human through Inner Child Work, Root-cause understanding of various life issues through PLRT (Past-Life Regression Therapy), Creating the best future through FLP (Future Life Progression).

A totally professionally trained medical doctor when speaks about the laws of the life and spiritual truths, we can avoid so many superstitions, fake-faltu Advisers and Babas, extreme violence and terrorism, cruelty - so that we can create VasudaikaKutumbhakam - one world, one family very soon.